Practice Problems

Practice Problems for GATE (Topic wise)

Electron Devices
Analog Circuits
Digital Circuits

1. Intrinsic

2. Extrinsic 

3. Hall Effect 
BJT Small Signal Analysis
Number Systems
PN junction (Diode)

Set -  1

Set -  2

Set -  3
BJT High Frequency Analysis
Logic Gates
Zener Diode
FET Amplifiers
Combinational Circuits
Multistage Amplifiers
Negative Feedback Amplifiers
Sequential Circuits
Operational Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers
Special Purpose Diodes
Tuned Amplifiers
Transistor Biasing
Logic Families

Reference Books for Electron Devices:
1. EDC by Millman (Black Pad)
2. EDC by Bogart
3. Microelectronics by Sedra & Smith
4. Solid State Electronic Devices by Streetman
5. Semiconductor Physics & Devices by Donald Neamen

Reference Books for Analog Circuits:
1. Microelectronics by Sedra & Smith
2. Integrated Electronics by Millman (Yellow Pad)
3. EDC by Bogart
4. Electronic Circuit Analysis & Design by Donald Neamen
5. Electronic Circuits by Schilling & Belove

Reference Books for Digital Circuits: 
1. Digital Electronics by R.P. Jain
2. Digital Design by Morris Mano
3. Solutions to Digital Electronics by R.P. Jain
4. Digital Systems by Tocci
5. Digital Fundamentals by Floyd


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  3. A long-channel n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET has threshold voltage VT= 0.5 V, process transconductance parameter kn′= 0.2 mA/V2.
    a) Sketch the drain current vs. gate voltage (IDS vs. VGS) characteristic for 0 ≤ VGS ≤5 V, VDS= 0.5 V.
    b) Sketch the drain current vs. drain voltage (IDS vs. VDS) characteristics for 0 ≤ VDS ≤5 V,
    for VGS= 0 V, 1 V, 2, V, 3 V, 4 V, and 5 V.
    c) For each set of voltages below, state the region of operation and compute the drain current:
    i) VGS= 1 V and VDS= 5 V
    ii) VGS= 1 V and VDS= 0.5 V
    iii) VGS= 0 V and VDS= 5 V

  4. Sketch the root locus of the following unity feedback system with K G(s) = %3D s(s + 2)(s + 2s + 4) (a) Find the value of K at breakaway points (b) Find the value of K and the closed loop poles at which the damping factor is 0.6.

    1. (a) Find the K value using 'magnitude condition'
      i.e. |G(s)H(s)| at s=BP (or any point in Root Locus) is equal to 1
      (b) This one is a bit complicated to type but cos(theta) =£ theta being angle with -ve real axis .This will cut Root Locus at a point which is the required point at which K is to be calculated.
      Using formula: K =(product of distances from point to poles)/(distances from point to zeros)

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