Network Synthesis & Driving Point Impedance - Topicwise GATE Questions on Network Theory (from 2003)

1. The first and Last critical frequency of an RC driving point impedance function must respectively be
a) a zero and a pole
b) a zero and a zero
c) a pole and a pole
d) a pole and a zero

Solution :

2. The first and the last critical frequencies (singularities) of a driving point impedance function of a passive network having two kinds of elements, are a pole and a zero respectively. The above property will be satisfied by
a) RL network only
b) RC network only
c) LC network only
d) RC as well as RL networks

Solution :

3. A negative resistance Rneg is connected to a passive network N having driving point impedance Z1(s) as shown below. For Z2(s) to be positive real,

Solution :

4. The driving point impedance of the following network is given as shown. The component values are

Solution :


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