GATE 2012 ECE Network Theory - Complete Video Solutions with Answers


1. In the following figure, C1 and C2 are ideal capacitors. C1 has been charged to 12 volts before the ideal switch S is closed at t = 0. The current i(t) for all t is

a)   zero
b)  a step function
c)  an exponentially decaying function
d)  an impulse function

Answer: D

2.   The average power delivered to an impedance (4-j3)Ω by a current 5cos(100πt+100) Amp is
a)  44.2 W
b)  50 W
c)  62.5 W
d)  125 W

Answer: B

3.  The impedance looking into nodes 1 and 2 in the given circuit is
a)  50 Ω
b)  100 Ω
c)  5 kΩ
d)  10.1 kΩ

Answer: A

4.  In the circuit shown below, the current through the inductor is

Answer: C

5.  Assuming both the voltage sources are in phase, the value of R for which maximum power is transferred from circuit A to circuit B is
a)  0.8 Ω
b)  1.4 Ω
c)  2 Ω
d)  2.8 Ω


6.  If  VA - VB = 6 volts, then VC - VD is 
a)  - 5 volts
b)   2 volts
c)   3 volts
d)   6 volts
Answer: A

Common Data for Questions 48 and 49:
With 10 volts DC connected at port A in the linear nonreciprocal two-port network shown below,
the following were observed:
(i) 1Ω connected at port B draws a current of 3 amps
(ii) 2.5Ω connected at port B draws a current of 2 amps

7.  With 10 volts DC connected at port A, the current drawn by 7Ω connected at port B is
a)  3/7  A
b)  5/7 A
c)  1 A
d)  9/7 A

Answer: C

8.  For the same network, with 6 volts DC connected at port A, 1Ω connected at port B draws 7/3 amp. If 8 volts DC is connected to port A, the open circuit voltage at port B is
a)  6 V
b)  7 V
c)  8 V
d)  9 V

Answer: C

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