GATE 2011 ECE Network Theory - Complete Video Solutions with Answers


1. In the circuit shown below, the Norton equivalent current in amperes with respect to the terminals P and Q is
a)  6.4 - j 4.8
b)  6.56 - j 7.87
c)  10 + j 0
d)  16 + j 0

Answer: A

2.  In the circuit shown below, find the value of RL such that the power transferred to RL is maximum.
a)  5 ohms
b)  10 ohms
c)  15 ohms
d)  20 ohms

Answer: C

3.  The circuit shown below is driven by a sinusoidal input Vi = Vpcos(t/RC). The steady state output Vo is

Answer: A  

4.  In the circuit shown below, the network N is described by the following Y matrix: The voltage gain V2/V1 is
a)  1/90
b)  - 1/90
c)  - 1/99
d)  - 1/11
Answer: D  

5. In the circuit shown below, the initial charge on the capacitor is 2.5 mC, with the voltage polarity as indicated. The switch is closed at time t = 0. The current i(t) at a time t after the switch is closed is


6.  In the circuit shown below, the current I is equal to

Answer: B  

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