GATE 2010 ECE Control Systems - Complete Video Solutions with Answers


1. The transfer function Y(s)/R(s) of the system shown is


2. A system with transfer function Y(s)/X(s) = s/(s + p) has an output y(t) = cos(2t – π/3) for the input signal x(t) = p cos(2t – π/2). Then, the system parameter 'p' is
a) √3
b) 2/√3
c) 1
d) √3/2


3. For the asymptotic bode magnitude plot shown below, the system transfer function can be


4. Given f(t) = L–1[(3s + 1) / (s3 + 4s2 + (k-3)s)]. If  Limt -> ∞ f(t) = 1, then the value of k is
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4


5. A unity negative feedback closed loop system has a plant with the transfer function G(s) = 1/(s2 + 2s + 2) and a controller Gc(s) in the feed forward path. For a unit step input, the tranfer function of the controller that gives minimum steady state error is


Common Data Questions:
The signal flow graph of a system is shown below.

6. The state variable representation of the system can be


7. The transfer function of the system is


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