GATE Previous Questions on Asynchronous & Synchronous Counters with Solutions (1987 - Till Date)


1.       A ripple counter using negative edge triggered D flip-flops is shown below. The flip-flops are cleared to ‘0’ at the R input. The feedback logic is to be designed to obtain the count sequence shown in the same figure. The correct feedback logic is : 

Answer:      A
                           Solution :


1.       A 4 bit modulo-16 ripple counter uses JK flip-flops. If the propagation delay of each flip-flop is 50 nsec, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is equal to ……

                        a.       20 MHz
                        b.      10 MHz
                        c.       5 MHz
                        d.      4 MHz

Answer:     C
                            Solution :


1.       A pulse train with a frequency of 1 MHz is counted using a modulo 1024 ripple counter built with JK flip-flops. For proper operation of the counter, the maximum permissible propagation delay per flip flop stage is ____ nsec.

Answer:     50 nSec

2.       A clocked sequential circuit has three states, A, B and C and one input X. As long as the input X is ‘0’, the circuit alternates between the states A and B. if the input X becomes ‘1’(either in state A or in state B), the circuit goes to state C and remains in state C as long as X continues to be 1. The circuit returns to state A if the input becomes ‘0’ once again and from then on repeats its behavior. Assume that the state assignments are A = 00, B = 01 and C = 10.
                        a.       Draw the state diagram of the circuit.
                        b.      Give the state table of the circuit.
                        c.       Draw the circuit using D flip flops.


1.       Synchronous counters are ________ than the ripple counters.
Answer:     Faster

2.       A ring oscillator consisting of 5 inverters is running at a frequency of 1 MHz. the propagation delay per each gate is ________ nsec.
Answer:     100 nSec


1.   A state machine is required to cycle through the following sequence of states:

            ABC :  000  ->  010  ->  111  ->  100  ->  011  ->  101.
One possible implementation of the state machine is shown in figure. Specify what signals should be applied to each of the multiplexer inputs.

                              Solution :   


1.   A sequence generator is shown in figure. The counter status (Q0Q1Q2) is initialized to 010 using preset/clear inputs.
      The clock has a period of 50 ns and transitions take place at the rising clock edge.
                        a.       Give the sequence generates a tQ0 till repeats.
                        b.      What is the repetition rate of the generated sequence?

                 Solution :


1.   The figure is shows a mod – K counter, here K is equal to
                        a.       1
                        b.      2
                        c.       3
                        d.      4
Answer:    C
                  Solution :  

2.   The mod – 5 counter is shown in the figure counts through states Q2Q1Q0 = 000, 001, 010, 011 and 100.
            a.       Will the counter lockout if it happen to be in any one of the unused states?
            b.      Find the maximum rate at which the counter will operate satisfactorily. Assume the     propagation delays of flip-flop and AND gate to be tFF and tA respectively.

                  Solution :    


1.       The ripple counter shown in the given figure is works as a 
                        a.       Mod – 3 up counter
                        b.      Mod – 5 up counter
                        c.       Mod – 3 down counter
                        d.      Mod – 5 down counter
Answer:    D
                 Solution : 

2.       The circuit diagram of a synchronous counter is shown in the given figure. Determine the sequence of states of the counter assuming that the initial state is ‘000’. Give your answer in a tabular form showing the present state QA, QB, QC, J-K inputs (JA, KA, JB, KB, JC, KC) and the next state QA+, QB+, QC+. From the table, determine the modulus of the counter.
Answer:       Mod - 6
                 Solution :


1.   In the given figure, the J and K inputs of all the four flip-flops are made high. The frequency of the signal at output Y is
                        a.       0.833 KHz
                        b.      1.0 KHz
                        c.       0.91 KHz
                        d.      0.77 KHz
            Answer:    B
                 Solution :


1.       For the ring oscillator shown in teh figure, the propagation delay of each inverter is 100 pico sec. What is the fundamental frequency of the oscillator output?
                        a.       10 MHz
                        b.      100 MHz
                        c.       1 GHz
                        d.      2 GHz
Answer:    C
                        Solution :     

2.       The digital block in the figure, realized using two positive edge triggered D flip-flops. Assume that for t<t0, Q1 = Q2 =0. The circuit in the digital block is given by 
Answer:      C
           Solution :


1.       It is required to design a binary mod-5 synchronous counter using AB flip-flop, such that the output Q2Q1Q0 changes as 000 -> 001 -> 010..... and so on. The truth table for the AB flip-flop is given in figure.
            a.       Write down the state table for the mod-5 counter
            b.      Obtain simplified SOP expressions for the inputs A2, B2, A1, B1, A0 and B0 in              terms of Q2, Q1, Q0 and their complements.
            c.       Hence complete the circuit diagram for the mod-5 counter given in the figure using     minimum number of 2 input NAND gate only.

                 Solution :


1.       A 0 to 6 counter consists of 3 flip flops and a combination circuit of 2 input gate(s). The combination circuit consists of
                        a.       one AND gate
                        b.      one OR gate
                        c.       one AND gate and one OR gate
                        d.      two AND gates

Answer:     D
                  Solution :

2.       A 4 bit ripple counter and a 4 bit synchronous counter are made using flip flops having a propagation delay of 10 ns each. If the worst case delay in the ripple counter and the synchronous counter be R and S respectively, then
                        a.       R = 10 ns, S = 40 ns 
                        b.      R = 40 ns, S = 10 ns
                        c.       R = 10 ns, S = 30 ns
                        d.      R = 30 ns, S = 10 ns
Answer:    B
                 Solution :


1.   In the modulo – 6 ripple counter shown in the given figure, the output of the 2 input gate is used to clear the JK flip flops.

The 2 input gate is
                a.       NAND gate
                b.      NOR gate
                c.       OR gate
                d.      AND gate
Answer:    C
                  Solution :


1.       The given figure shows a ripple counter using positive edge triggered flip-flops. If the present state of the counter is Q2Q1Q0 = 011, then its next state Q2Q1Q0 will be

                        a.       010
                        b.      100
                        c.       111
                        d.      101
Answer:    B
                  Solution :


1.       Two D flip-flops are to be connected as a synchronous counter as shown below, that goes through the following Q1Q0 sequence 00 -> 01 -> 11 ->10 -> 00  ->………..

The inputs D0 and D1 respectively should be connected as 
Answer:    A
                                 Solution :


1.       For the circuit shown, the counter state (Q1Q0) follows the sequence
                        a.       00, 01, 10, 11, 00…..
                        b.      00, 01, 10, 00, 01…..
                        c.       00, 01, 11, 00, 01…..
                        d.      00, 10, 11, 00, 10…..
Answer:    B
               Solution :


1.       For each of the positive edge triggered JK flip flop used in the following figure, the propagation delay is ΔT.
  Which of the following waveforms correctly represents the output at Q1?

Answer:    B



1.       What are the counting stages (Q1, Q2) for the counter shown in the figure below?

                        a.       11, 10, 00, 11, 10….
                        b.      01, 10, 11, 00, 01….
                        c.       00, 11, 01, 10, 00…..
                        d.      01, 10, 00, 01, 10…..
Answer:    A
               Solution :


1.       Assuming that all flip-flops are in reset condition initially, the count sequence observed at QA in the circuit shown is

                        a.       0010111….
                        b.      0001011….
                        c.       0101111….
                        d.      0110100….
Answer:    D
               Solution :


1.       When the output Y in the circuit below is ‘1’, it implies that data has

                        a.       Changed from ‘0’ to ‘1’
                        b.      Changed from ‘1’ to ‘0’
                        c.       Changed in either direction
                        d.      Not changed
Answer:    A
               Solution :

2.       The output of a 3 stage Johnson (twisted ring) counter is fed to a digital to analog (D/A) converter as shown in the figure below. Assume all states of the counter to be unset initially. The waveform which represents the D/A converter output Vo is 

Answer:    A
                Solution :

3.       Two D flip-flops are connected as a synchronous counter that goes through the following QB QA sequence 00 -> 11 ->  01 -> 10 -> 00-> ………. The connections of the inputs DA and DB are

Answer:    D
               Solution :


1.       The state transition diagram for the logic circuit shown is

Answer:    D
                 Solution :


1.       Five JK flip flops are cascaded to form the circuit shown in figure. Clock pulses at a frequency of 1 MHz are applied as shown. The frequency (in KHz) of the waveform at Q3 is …………

Answer:    62.5
                 Solution :

2.       The digital logic shown in the figure satisfies the given state diagram when Q1 is connected to input A of the XOR gate. Suppose the XOR gate is replaced by the XNOR gate. Which one of the following options preserves the state diagram?

Answer:    D
                 Solution :

3.       In the circuit shown, choose the correct timing diagram of the output (y) from the given waveforms W1, W2, W3 and W4.
                      a.       W1
                      b.      W2
                      c.       W3
                      d.      W4
  Answer:    C
                Solution :

4.       The outputs of the two flip-flops Q1, Q2 in the figure shown are initialized to 0, 0. The sequence generated at Q1 upon application of clock signal is 

                        a.       01110….
                        b.      01010…..
                        c.       00110….
                        d.      01100…..
Answer:    D
                 Solution :

5.       The circuit shown in the figure is a

                        a.       Toggle flip flop
                        b.      JK flip flop
                        c.       SR Latch
                        d.      Master – Slave D flip flop
Answer:    D
                 Solution :


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