GATE Pratice Questions on "Digital Circuits - 1"

1.       Identify the operation performed by the following circuit, where A and B are 4 bit inputs.

2.       Find the modulus of the following asynchronous counter circuit

3.       Find the output expression for the following circuit.

4.       Identify the operation performed by given sequential circuit.

5.       Minimize the following circuit and realize the circuit using only minimum number of 2 input NAND gates

6.       Find the combinational logic expression realized by the given MUX.

7.       Find the relation between CLKA and CLK and also between CLKB and CLK.

8.       Find the output for different values of inputs as shown for the given JK flip flop.

9.       Determine the resulting serial data that appear on the output ‘Q’. Assume there is one clock pulse for each bit time, Q is initially zero and preset and clear inputs are HIGH initially. Rightmost bits are applied first.

10.   Find the modulus of the following synchronous counter.

11.   Find the relation between clock frequency and output frequency at Q.

12.   An AB flip-flop is shown for all possible input combinations. Write the truth table of the flip-flop.

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