GATE 2011 ECE Video Solutions on Analog Circuits (Analog Electronics)

1. In the circuit shown below, capacitors C1 and C2 are very large and are shorts at the input frequency . vi is a small signal input. The gain magnitude |V0/Vi| at 10 M rad/sec is

a. Maximum
b. Minimum
c. Unity
d. Zero

2. The circuit below implements a filter between the input current ii and the output voltage vo. Assume that the op-amp is ideal. The filter implemented is a

a. Low pass filter
b. Band pass filter
c. Band stop filter
d. High pass filter

Statement for linked answer Questions (3 and 4):
In the circuit shown below, assume that the voltage drop across a forward biased diode is 0.7 votls. The thermal voltage VT = KT/q = 25 mV. The small signal input vi = 100 cos(ωt) mV.

3. The bias current IDC through the diodes is
a. 1 mA
b. 1.28 mA
c. 1.5 mA
d. 2 mA

4. The ac output voltage VAC is
a. 0.25 cos(ωt) mV
b. 1 cos(ωt) mV
c. 2 cos(ωt) mV
d. 22 cos(ωt) mV
Answer: B

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