GATE 2012 ECE Video Solutions on EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits)

1. The I – V characteristics of the diode in the circuit is given below, then the current in the circuit is

a. 10 mA
b. 9.3 mA
c. 6.67 mA
d. 6.2 mA

Answer: D
Solution :

2. The diodes and capacitors shown in the circuit are ideal. The voltage V(t) across the diode D1 is

Answer: A
Solution :

3. In the circuit shown below, the output expression ‘Y’ is

Answer: A
Solution :

4. In the CMOS circuit shown, electron and hole motilities are equal, and M1 and M2 transistors are equally sized. The device M1 is in the linear region if

Answer: A
Solution :

5. In the three dimensional view of a silicon N channel MOS transistor shown below, δ = 20 nm. The transistor is of width 1 µm. The depletion width formed at every PN junction is 10 nm. The relative permittivity’s of Si and SiO2 are 11.7 and 3.9 respectively and Ɛ0 = 8.9 X 10-12 F/m.

i. The gate – source overlap capacitance is approximately
a. 0.7 fF
b. 0.7 pF
c. 0.35 fF
d. 0.24 fF
Answer: A

ii. The source – body capacitance approximately
a. 2 fF
b. 7 fF
c. 2 pF
d. 7 pF
Answer: B
Solution :

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