GATE 2001 ECE Video Solutions on EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits)

1. MOSFET can be used as a
a. Current controlled capacitor
b. Voltage controlled capacitor
c. Current controlled inductor
d. Voltage controlled inductor

Answer: B
Solution :

2. The effective channel length of a MOSFET in saturation decreases with increase in
a. Gate voltage
b. Drain voltage
c. Source voltage
d. Body voltage

Answer: B
Solution :

3. The transistor shunt regulator shown in figure has a regulated output voltage of 10 volts, when input varies from 20 volts to 30 volts. The relevant parameters for the zener diode and the transistor are: VZ = 9.5 volts, VBE = 0.3 votls, β = 99. Neglect the current throught RB. Then the maximum power dissipated in the zener diode (PZ) and the transistor (PT) are

Answer: C
Solution :

4. For the circuit shown in figure, D1 and D2 are identical diodes with ideality factor of unity. The thermal voltage VT = 25 mV.
a. If the reverse saturation current, IS, for the diode is 1 pA, then compute the current I through the circuit.
b. Calculate Vf and Vr.
Answer: (a) 1 pA (b) 0.018 mV and 0.032 mV
Solution :

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