GATE 1989 Video Solutions on Digital Circuits

1. Among the digital IC families, ECL, TTL and CMOS :
a. ECL has the least propagation delay
b. TTL has the largest fan-out
c. CMOS has the biggest noise margin
d. TTL has the lowest power consumption
Answer: A & C
Solution :

2. A logic family has threshold voltage of 2 volts, minimum guaranteed output high voltage VOH = 4 volts, minimum accepted input high voltage VIH = 3 volts, maximum guaranteed output low voltage VOL = 1 volt, and maximum accepted input low voltage VIL = 1.5 volts. Its noise margin is
a. 2 volts
b. 1 volts
c. 1.5 volts
d. 0.5 volts
Solution :

3. Indicate which of the following logic gates can be used to realized all possible combinational logic functions :
a. OR gates only
b. NAND gates only
c. EX-OR gates only
d. NOR gates only
Answer:B & D
Solution :

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