GATE 1988 Video Solutions on EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits)

1.       For a PN junction, match the type of breakdown with phenomenon
i.         Avalanche breakdown
ii.       Zener breakdown
iii.      Punch through

a.       Collision of carriers with crystal ions
b.      Early effect
c.       Rupture of covalent bond due to strong electric field
Answer:i-a, ii-c, iii-b
                 Solution :

2.       In the circuit shown below, the current voltage relationship when D1 and D2 are identical is given by  (assume Germanium diodes)

                 Solution :

3.       In an N-channel JFET, VGS is held constant. VDS is less than the breakdown voltage. As VDS is increased…(Assume ‘S’ as conducting cross sectional area of the channel and ‘J’ as channel current density)
a.       ‘S’ increases and ‘J’ increases 
b.      ‘S’ decreases and ‘J’ decreases
c.       ‘S’ decreases and ‘J’ increases
d.      ‘S’ increases and ‘J’ decreases
                 Solution :

4.       In MOSFET devices, the N-channel type is better than the P-channel type in the following respects
a.       It has better noise immunity
b.      It is faster
c.       It is TTL compatible
d.      It has better drive capability
                 Solution :

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